The big discussion this week is the Chick-fil-a brouhaha. 

Lot’s of opinions, disinformation, half truths, and emotion on this.

First and foremost, I don’t care whom or how you find sexual pleasure provided it’s safe, sane and consensual. 

If you’re a man and you find love in another man’s hairy ass, hey, more power to you. It doesn’t affect my life in any way and if you makes it happy and doesn’t hurt someone else, go ahead and stick your favorite appendage in your lover’s favorite receptacle to your mutual delight. 

And if you want to screw up your taxes together, and make it infinitely more difficult to untangle your finances should you choose to separate, have at it. I don’t care if you want to marry more than one person, if they’re the same sex, whether your plan to procreate (although if you’re a dumbass, I’d prefer you didn’t). Your choice will in no way affect my marriage, it’s sanctity or the depth of my commitment to my bride. And if you want the same rights I have, then by God you ought to get them.

In my personal opinion, government shouldn’t recognize ANY marriage so long as any religious institution has any part in the process. It doesn’t conform to the requirement for separation of church and state as long as they are part of the process. If you want to get married, you should go see your local religious leader. If you want the state to bind your fortunes in a mutual cohabitation contract, then see the clerk of the court. The two should never mix.

That being said, we have people in this country who are pretty strongly against the idea that two people of the same gender should be allowed to marry. They feel it would ruin the “sanctity” of the institution. In my opinion, the day we recognized a marriage performed by Fat Filipino Elvis at a drive thru window in Vegas, allowed a Kennedy to annul a 12 year marriage, and televised the wedding of a basketball player wearing a dress, we forfeited the right to say the institution was “sanctified.”

All this leads back to the topic at hand, Chick-fil-a…or more accurately the public comments of Dan Cathy, Chief Operating Officer of the company, and the reactions that have come from those comments.

The situation came to a head when the Mayor of Boston took it upon himself to send a letter on administration letterhead, and signed as the mayor of boston, telling Cathy he was an asshat and because of this, his businesses were not welcome in Boston. 

It wasn’t a direct threat on the face of things, but anyone who works in government can tell you that when someone at the top of the food chain expresses an opinion, the minions do their level best to make it happen, legally if possible. 

So as much as the people who are protesting Cathy would like everyone to believe, this is a free speech issue, despite the broader implications of gay rights. The representative of a government body threatened a citizen’s livelihood because of something he said. Strip away all the bullshit, and that’s what happened. The mayor was wrong. He put his city in an actionable position.

As a result, Chick-fil-a posted record sales due to an outpouring of support from people who agree with Cathy, were pissed about the deprivations of the mayor, or just like shitty fast food chicken sandwiches and don’t want to be bothered by all this talk.

Those sales don’t make Cathy and less bigoted. He is. And his company is actively supporting a charity his family started called the WindShape Foundation, and is providing them millions of dollars in contributions. That money in turn is being given to several other charities who’s goals, in part are in whole range from continuing current discriminate against homosexuals, to creating new discriminatory laws against them, to outright outlawing their whole being and locking them up as deviants. Chick-fil-a has donated millions to this charity.

So there is now an active boycott against Chick-fil-a fighting directly against deeply religiously entrenched bigots who conveniently follow one part of the bible but ignore others that don’t suit their worldview.

I support gay marriage but have mixed feelings on boycotts I feel they are a scorched earth tactic that has far too much collateral damage in most cases. I also hate the hypocrisy on both sides of this argument. You have assholes abusing drive thru employees and then having the audacity to complain about all the hate:

You have liberals loudly decrying everything about this company, but studiously ignoring the collection of African American ministers that make the Cathy’s look like mild mannered misguided children.

And you have intolerant right wing bigots spewing hatred to gays to anyone who will listen. 

Sometimes I think we just need a good asteroid strike.


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