Prejudice v.0

I fully believe prejudice is not born, but acquired.

Little kids play in happy innocence…never really having any preconceived notions about other people based on their gender or color.

I struggle with not picking these prejudices up every day. And it’s getting harder.

So please…laides…learn how to fucking drive. Get off the goddamn phone and watch the street lights. When it turns green, you stop texting and you GO. When the speed limit is X, you drive X, not X-20. When you need to turn right, do it from the right lane, not the left lane. You do NOT have to call someone the second you get in the car, before you’ve successfully backed out of the parking spot that you parked crooked in in the first place.

And gentlemen. Just because you’ve managed to get a car, doesn’t make you entitled to jump in front of other people, cut them off, or turn from wherever the hell you think you should in an intersection. A turn signal is just that…a signal you wish to turn…not a friggin notice to an employee that they need to get the hell out of the way. And if I see one of you assholes taking up 2 spots so noone dings the doors, I’m going to key your car just for spite.

And all you assholes with more money then sense, quit buying 12 subwoofers and cruising through my neighborhood at 11pm…or I am going to shoot you. Noone will hear it, and I’ll get away with it.

/rant off.


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