So the time has come, once again, for me to begin a blog.
I’m terrible at these things. I get lazy and they languish. But the last time I tried this, I wasn’t on Twitter, so perhaps this will inspire me to keep posting.
In fact, Twitter is the impetus for beginning this again as 140 characters is just not adequate to discuss certain topics without being misconstrued because of the brevity of the tweets.
I’m still figuring out how to set this thing up the way I want it, so it will probably go through quite a few format changes until I get it how I like it, but there are some things I want to say in my inaugural post that will have to serve until I find a permanent place to put them somewhere in the margins.
This blog is for the eyes of adults, both in age and in emotional maturity. It’s a place that will welcome comment and hope for debate. It’s meant for me to rant, edify, and pontificate. The language will undoubtedly be course as I am course. The discussions will be frank and will range from politics, to sexuality, to whatever the hell may have pissed me off or inspired me that day. I will accept comments from anyone, whether I agree or vehemently disagree with them on whatever I’ve posted, and I will never, unlike so many others, delete a comment just because I don’t like the person who posted it or what they had to say.
It will not be a place of political correctness. I despise political correctness for it’s own sake and feel it is one of the many things wrong with this great nation.
It will not be a place where I tolerate personal attacks. The only exception to my personal rule about not deleting comments is if you’re an asshat to someone else who posts( see the Comment Policy). You can say whatever shit you want about me, but I won’t tolerate discourtesy to others. I’ll delete your posts and if you piss me off enough, I’ll ban you from posting.
So if profanity, explicit sexuality, politics you don’t agree with, in depth constitutional discussions and lack of political correctness are a problem for you, then you should move along now, because all will be found here.



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